Renzhof in Vienna, Austria

Mural at Renzhof in Vienna, Austria

The Renzhof is a block of council flats situated in the second district of Vienna named Leopoldstadt. It is built on that site where Circus Renz used to perform in the years 1854-1897.  The mural shown above placed at one of the walls of the block is reminding of the former use of that place.

Mural of a Jägerbegräbnis in Saalbach, Austria

Mural named 'Jägerbegräbnis' in Saalbach, Austria


Mural dating back to 1810 seen in Saalbach, Austria. The mural is named Jägerbegräbnis and shows an odd funeral procession. The body in the coffin is a hunter (german: ‘Jäger’), the mourners of the funeral (german: ‘Begräbnis’) are animals. Have you ever seen such a mural or painting elsewhere?

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