Traditional shop ‘Das alte Handelshaus’ in Schwerin

Traditional shop 'Das alte Handelshaus' in Schwerin, Germany

The traditional shop generally known as ‘Das alte Handelshaus‘ (The old merchant house) is situated at the address Schmiedestraße 11. Today it houses a chain store of a tea merchant (Tee-Maass). Even though it is a tea shop you can buy a lot of different goods, e.g. a coffee named after a local ghost: Petermännchen Kaffee.

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Lederhaus Schliesselberger in Salzburg, Austria

Frescoes at the Lederhaus Schliesselberger in Salzburg, AustriaSince 1422 tanners have been working at the address Lederergasse 5 in Salzburg. At the same address, there is still a shop run by the family Schliesselberger selling goods made of leather. During opening hours you can visit a fascinating detail of Salzburg: In a room on the 1st floor, there are some frescoes probably dating back to the mid of 16th century.

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Frauenzimmer & Männersache in Vienna, Austria

Shop Frauenzimmer & Männersache in Vienna, Austria

Have you ever shopped in a shop owned by a burlesque dancer? I discovered such a shop in Vienna lately. The shop run by an Austrian dancer offers vintage dresses for ladies and gentlemen. They even offer vintage makeup. Not really using the ingredients of the old times but the colours. Well, who of you would love to celebrate this New Year’s Eve wearing a dress of the 20ties?