Cooking class at Kitchen 12 in Graz, Austria

At Kitchen 12 in Graz, Austria

Today I took my first lesson in cooking. For that purpose four journalists/bloggers and me visited the restaurant Kitchen 12 in Graz. This restaurant owned by Ferdinand Hladik offers not only warm meals and good wines but also cooking lessons for groups up to 30 persons.

We were three ladies and two gentlemen. All of the ladies true experts in cooking, both men kind of beginners. A drawing decided who would be responsible for starter, main course and dessert. In my opinion a good way for making groups without much discussion.

Making some Tartar at a cooking class

Me and my fellow blogger Martin were responsible for the starter. While Martin prepared the rösti I ‘hammered’ and chopped the tatar. Well, that was easy. Some more difficult tasks like slicing tomatoes in a certain way followed.

As chef Ferdinand and his assistant Ana were always willing to give a hand we mastered even the most complicated tasks. Besides that we had much fun by talking about the ingredients and how to scope with them. In the talks there was also a focus on regional food, most of the ingredients were bought at a farmers market just next to the door of the restaurant.

Entree at cooking class in Graz

And that’s the result: “Ladies and Gentleman, as entrée chef Martin and me would like to serve deer tatar with rösti and fried quail egg. Bon appétit!” – Of course Ferdinand did not only tell us how to cook but also how to serve the courses.

How did I like it? I was very impressed by the main course which was a trout served with a hokkaido pumpkin risotto. My tatar was okay. The presentation of the dishes was excellent. A big thank you to Ferdinand and Ana who helped us to be so creative.

Disclosure: The trip was supported by Graz Tourism Board