Town hall of Bonn, Germany

Town hall of Bonn, Germany

Unfortunately it was pretty rainy during my visit in Bonn. I got a nice photo of the town hall though. Many years ago I watched a ‘Rathaussturm’ here. Have you already heard about this carnival tradition? At the end of the carnival period the carnival revellers supported by a female guard ‘take over the power’ at the town hall for a few days.

Bönnsch in Bonn, Germany

Glas of Bönnsch in Bonn, Germany

Lunchtime in Bonn! At the Restaurant Bönnsch we got in touch with a rare beer which was served in such special shaped glasses.

Dicke Bohnen in Bonn, Germany

For lunch I had a Rhineland speciality: ‘Rheinische Dicke Bohnen’. From the menu: ‘Mit Bohnenkraut abgeschmeckt, mit gebratenen Kasselerscheiben in einer Thymiansauce serviert, als Beilage servieren wir knusprige Bratkartoffel’