Hi! My name is Andreas Susana and I am the owner of this blog. On Social Media Channels I am generally known as Travelwriticus which is a combination of Travel and Writer and an attempt of sounding a little bit like an ancient Roman.

I was born in Graz (Austria) in the year 1967. Graz is still my home base though I spend most of the time all over Austria and its neighbouring countries.

My mother language is German but I decided to write this blog in English. I would like to make contacts all over the world this way. Please forgive errors in spelling and grammar and feel free to send me some hints for improving my English whenever you want.

After a career as a computer expert in a power supply company I started my second life as a nomad. At that time I started to wonder what would be happen if I tried to learn something new every day. So I started to visit exhibitions and museums and to write about my thoughts.

I have a strong penchant for travelling by public services and strolling around all part of a landscape or city.  So the blog is mainly about such topics, about what one can see and experience at places reached by trains and busses.

I think we are in the age of edutainment now. People need ideas how to spend their growing leisure time. In my opinion a good way to spend this time could be visiting educative exhibitions and theme paths. Learning something new about our world would also make us fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

I am using this blog as a diary. Therefore all posts are published with the date I made the experience I am writing about. As I started with this blog on WordPress not before August 2012 many of my posts are backdated.

Though I am using this blog as a diary it isn’t all about experiences and emotions. You will also find a lot of useful stuff for planning your own travels. For example how to use train and museum passes wisely or how to visit all places related to a person of history in a city.

Are there any questions left? Feel free to send me an email.

Andreas Susana aka Travelwriticus
mail: editor[ad]travelwriticus.com