Volkswagen Type 181 in Geras

Volkswagen Type 181 in Geras, Austria

At an exhibition about the history of the fire brigades taking place at Geras Abbey (Stift Geras), I saw this Volkswagen Type 181. It was built in 1974 and was used as service car for the fire brigades in Lower Austria. Reading the story of this car makes me smile: Was this car really called “The Thing” in the US?

Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main

Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main, Germany

As you know I love to stroll around railway stations while waiting for the next connection. So I do at airports as well. At Frankfurt on Main Airport I came across this Cadillac Sedan (1956) which is an advertisement for two German museums about technology.

2nd Marcus Car in Mürzzuschlag

Replica of the second Marcus Car

At an event performed by the Südbahnmuseum in Mürzzuschlag I had the chance to see an operating replica of the second car built by Siegfried Marcus. The original was built in 1888/1889 and is still operating too. More…

Postbus Saurer 5GF-U in Vienna

Postbus Saurer 5GF-U in Vienna, Austria

This motor coach started to serve as public bus in 1962. At that time it was operated by Austrian national postal delivery company. Therefore it is yellow colored which was the brand color of this company. Today this bus can be chartered for private tours. In the photo the bus is standing on a Viennese square named Heldenplatz. More…

Bus Steyr 480A in Payerbach

Bus Steyr 480a at railway station Payerbach-ReichenauClassic bus Steyr 480A built in 1957 seen on the grounds of the railway station Payerbach-Reichenau in the Austrian state Lower Austria (Niederösterreich). This bus was operated by the Austrian mail service (Österreichische Post) which used to offer public transportation as well.