Café Fürstenhof in Regensburg

Café Fürstenhof in Regensburg, Germany

I just love the style of this café in Regensburg named Café Fürstenhof. What about you? Would you love to have a cup of coffee at this balcony watching the people in the street?

K.u.k. Hofbäckerei Fritz Rath in Linz

K.u.k. Hofbäckerei Fritz Rath in Linz, Austria

Inside this traditional bakery and café one can order famous cakes like the ‘Linzer Torte’. The K.u.k. reminds of the fact that this shop was an appointed purveyor to the Chamber of His Majesty, Archduke Peter Ferdinand of Habsburg-Toscana. More…

Starcke Haus in Graz

View of Starcke Haus at Schloßberg

On a rock named Schloßberg in the middle of Graz, there is the Starcke Haus, where the German actor Gustav Starcke (1848-1921) had lived for many years and wrote some poems about the Schloßberg. Today it houses a restaurant where one can have a fine meal with a view of Graz.