City wall of Třeboň

City wall of Třeboň

The old town wall of Třeboň offers this romantic view. The walls saw their construction in the years 1525 – 1527. Another attraction of the city is its marketplace. The buildings lining the square date back to the 16th century as well.

Wall ruins in Regensburg

Town walls of Regensburg, Germany

Two wall ruins near the railway station of Regensburg. The wall in the foreground was built in medieval times, the wall in the background is even from ancient Roman period.

Posttor (Olsator) in Friesach

Olsator in Friesach, Austria

On my walk through Friesach I discovered this cute idea to visualize the old gate called Posttor or Olsator in its shape of about 1200 AD. The sign was transparent so I was able to match past and presence. More…

City walls of Radstadt

Town walls of Radstadt, Austria

On a train journey through Pongau, a region of the Austrian state Salzburg, I took this photo through the windows of my train. It shows parts of the city walls of Radstadt. The city was founded in 13th century and is member of the Small Historic Cities (Kleine Historische Städte) of Austria. More…