Vienna Opera Ball in Vienna

Entrance of the Vienna State Opera

Main entrance of the Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) some hours before the famous Wiener Opernball (Vienna Opera Ball) takes place. More…

Vienna New Year’s Concert

Building of the Musikverein in Vienna

On January 1st, many people are watching the Vienna New Year’s Concert on TV every year. Only a few have enjoyed the concert personally. Getting tickets to this concert is pretty difficult but there is no big problem to see the concert hall while staying in Vienna on another day. There are guided tours offered. Just have a look at the website of the Musikverein. More…

Funeral procession for Otto von Habsburg Part I

On July 16th, 2011 the funeral procession for Otto von Habsburg took place in Vienna.

Note: Contrary to the colourful dresses of the most participants the family of the deceased went at the end of the procession in dark mourning.

The most participants preferred to wear uniforms and dresses of the time before 1918 so the funeral procession was also a kind of presentation of historical fashion.

Inhabitants of regions which were part of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy attended the procession in traditional uniforms as well. Here a detachment from Croatia.

Some areas were represented by outstanding many participants. E.g. Tyrol where still a lot of traditional associations are in existence.

The smaller the areas the smaller the groups.

Whereas the most units looked very colourful and glorious in their historical uniforms…

… this group wearing the functional uniforms of World War I reminded me of the horror of war and was for me an important counterpoint to all these brilliant uniforms before.

And here some impressions taken after the end of the procession.

Tableau Vivant in Vienna

Tableau Vivant in Vienna, Austria

An interesting item on the program of the Karlstag 2009 was a Tableau Vivant. A group of people walked in the dresses of the time before 1900 around the Karlsplatz. More…