Baking bread in Rauris

Baking bread at Rauris, Austria

While writing this post I am nibbling at a slice of bread which I actually made by myself! At a farm at the Kalchkendl Alm, an alp named Kalchkendl located in Rauris Valley, I had the chance to bake bread the first time. I took this lesson at a class named Schule am Berg, guided by Roswitha Huber.

Landmatura in Schlierbach

Mr. Weingartner as reaper in Schlierbach, Austria

At the farm house of Mr. Weingartner in Schlierbach I took a lesson in cutting hay with a traditional scythe. Interested people can also take a class learning about some facts regarding agriculture. Though this is mainly an offer just for fun the lessons are pretty informative.

Chain saw art at Lockenhaus Castle

Chain saw art at Lockenhaus Castle, Austria

While I was trying to make some peaceful art like a painting several ladies of my group were interested to make something more adventourus. They joined a lesson in creating art with a chain saw instructed by Michael Schlapschy. After finishing my painting lesson I was curious to see how the ladies created things like racks for DVDs just by a tree trunk and a chain saw.¬†More…