Council building in Constance

Lake side of the council building Constance

In this building, Pope Martin V was elected in the year 1417. This was a very important event during the Council of Constance (1414-1418). The name of this building still reminds on this event: Council Building (Konzilgebäude).

Castles History

Info boards at Dürnstein Castle

Info boards at Dürnstein Castle, Austria

After climbing a steep trail up to Dürnstein Castle I came across a couple of information boards that told me some details about the life of Richard I of England also known as King Lionheart.

History Monuments

Napoleonic war memorial in Loiben

Napoleonic war memorial in Loiben, Austria

Riding the Wachau Railway I always wondered about the meaning of this big memorial just next to the tracks. After a visit at the Domäne Wachau I had the chance to learn more about it: It is a memorial about an engagement between French, Austrian and Russian troops during the Napoleonic Wars on Nov 11th, 1805.


Reconstructed huts of Hallstatt culture

Reconstructed huts of Hallstatt culture in Großklein, Austria

On my yearly Easter walk, I came across these small huts. It was a reconstruction of a village of Hallstatt culture built on a hill near the Styrian place Großklein. By the way, there is also a museum about the Hallstatt culture nearby.