Braumeisterstube at the Sternbräu in Salzburg

Painting at the restaurant Sternbräu in Salzburg, Austria

The Braumeisterstube is part of the Sternbräu Restaurant in Salzburg. This restaurant was first mentioned in 1542 and offers several old and modern rooms for having a glass of beer or a traditional meal.


Mural in Deutsch-Wagram

Mural in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria

Interesting mural seen at an abandoned building next to the railway station of Deutsch-Wagram. It shows a train dating back to the first days of passenger trains in Austria. At that time there was a train bringing people from Vienna to this place just for fun and having a good time outside the big city.

Wall decorations in Udine

Wall decorations in Udine, Italy

On my walk through the old part of Udine I came across this fascinating decorations right under the roof. I guess there is a special term for this kind of decoration. How would you call this kind of deco in Italian or English language?

The fox behind the benches

The fox behind the benches

After leaving the Kunsthalle in Vienna where I visited two interesting exhibitions about fashion photography I discovered this cute painting of a fox hidden behind two benches.

The painted house of Graz

Painted house in Graz, Austria

This colourful house in my city is generally known as Gemaltes Haus (Painted House). Actually it was the seat of a duke until about 1450, so the official name is Herzogshof (Duke’s court). By the way the top down conifers were part of the Christmas decoration at that time.