The Petermännchen in Schwerin

Petermännchen in Schwerin, GermanyThe Petermännchen (Little Peterman) is a good-natured household spirit who is said to live in the Schwerin Palace. He is rewarding those who are honest and good but punishs thieves and intruders. Today it is a sort of mascot and one can see him in many parts of the city life. There is even a coffee named after him: Petermännchen Kaffee.

Myths Railways

Seehas Railway in Constance

Seehas Railway in Constance, GermanyThe ‘Seehas’ is a rail link between Constance (Konstanz) and Engen. The name doesn’t derive from the existing fish ‘Seehase‘ (lumpsucker), but from a fabulous creature supposed to live in the western part of Lake Constance. People there believe the ‘Seehas’ is a hybrid of a rabbit and a fish.

Murals Myths

Basiliskenhaus in Vienna

Mural at the Basiliskenhaus

The Basiliskenhaus is situated at the Schönlaterngasse 7. The mural at this house shows a  myth about a basilisk living in the well at the inner yard of the house and how a servant of a baker succeed in fighting this dangerous creature.