Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main

Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main, Germany

As you know I love to stroll around railway stations while waiting for the next connection. So I do at airports as well. At Frankfurt on Main Airport I came across this Cadillac Sedan (1956) which is an advertisement for two German museums about technology.


Fun advertisement at Frankfurt Main Airport

Fun advertisement at Frankfurt Main Airport, Germany

Fun as well as thought provoking advertising seen at Frankfurt on Main Airport. Literally translated the text says: “You have to read in order to stay on top”


Fun promotion for bikes in Graz

Fun advertisement in Graz, Austria

Fun advertisement seen in Graz. The slogan Hängen Sie Ihr Altes an den Nagel … (‘hang your old one up …’) suggests to buy a new bike from a certain company. More…


Cristal Worlds in Wattens

Kristallwelten in Wattens, Austria

The water-spouting giant at the entrance of the Crystal Worlds (Kristallwelten) in Wattens. Inside I came across several artistic installations and a fabulous crystal dome including 590 mirrors. More…