Public Art

Huge spiderweb in St Pölten

Huge spiderweb in St Pölten, Austria

On my walk through St. Pölten I came across this huge spiderweb. I guess it is a kind of artwork. Well, I do hope it is an artwork. More…

Public Art

Public art by Erwin Wurm at MUMOK

Artwork by Erwin Wurm at MUMOK in Vienna, Austria

Public art by Styrian artist Erwin Wurm seen at the storefront of the MUMOK in Vienna. More…

Public Art Sculptures

A Nazgûl in Salzburg?

A Nazgûl in Salzburg, Austria?

This monument at the wall of the Salzburg Cathedral reminds me of a Nazgûl, one of these Dark Riders in the novel ‘The Lord of the Rings’. But where is his horse? More…

Murals Public Art

Quote by Jules Renard in Weimar

Quote by Jules Renard on a wall

Love this quote by Jules Renard: “Wenn Sie das Leben kennen, geben Sie mir doch bitte seine Anschrift” – Literally translated: “If you know life, please give me its address”. This and many other wise quotes, you can find on the walls of Weimar.

Public Art Railway Stations

Interior by Peter Kogler at Graz Central Station

Frontview of Graz Central Station

In 2003 the capital city of Styria got the title ‘European Capital of Culture’. In the same year Graz Central Station had been renovated and artist Peter Kogler was elected to decorate the entrance hall of the railway station. More…

Public Art

Artful rail buffer stop in Hamm

Railway bumper in Hamm, Germany

Interesting version of a buffer stop seen in Hamm, Germany. I guess it is a kind of artwork as I saw this construction in a former industrial areal which is used as park now. More…