Rhine Falls in Switzerland

View of the Rhine Falls from the train

Near Schaffhausen, there is a vast waterfall called the Rhine Falls (Rheinfall). The view above, one can have using the Eglisau-Neuhausen Railway Line. Another chance to see this waterfall by train is taking the railroad Winterthur-Schaffhausen (Rheinfallbahn) which is crossing the Rhine via that bridge on the left.

Dürnstein Castle in Styria

Burgruine Dürnstein in Styria, Austria

Dürnstein Castle (Burgruine Dürnstein) was first mentioned as castrum Dierenstein in 1144. The castle is placed right at the border between Styria and Carinthia. I took this photo while riding a train between Friesach and Unzmarkt. One can see the catenary of the railroad on the left side of the picture.

Church St Martin in Lanzendorf

Church St Martin in Lanzendorf, Austria

I took this photo on a train journey from Vienna to Linz. The church located in Lanzendorf (Böheimkirchen) was first mentioned in 1248. Interesting detail: The tower is tilted. I am also impressed by the fact that one can still see this pretty old church on a free field next to a high speed railroad.

A tributary valley in Styria

A tributary valley in Styria, Austria

The reason why I like train journeys in Styria: It’s all about the landscape. This photo taken on my way back from Breitenau to Mixnitz made me think, walking barefooted in this field could be a good idea now. What to you think?

1st class at German commuter train

1st class at German commuter train

I was very impressed by the 1st class of this commuter train on the line Hamburg – Lübeck. The tables were even equipped with power outlets. Which commuter trains with tables and power outlets do you know?

View of Salzburg

View of Salzburg from railway bridge

While passing the railway bridge of Salzburg on my way to and from Germany I often have this great view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress and the churches of the city.