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Railway station of Bad Ischl

Railway station of Bad Ischl, Austria

Bad Ischl was the summer resort of the Emperor’s family of Austria-Hungary for many years. Generally, they took the train to reach their villa (Kaiservilla) in Bad Ischl. The monarchy has gone but the railway station of that time is still here.

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Bad Mitterndorf railway station

Railway station of Bad Mitterndorf, Austria

A photo taken from a waiting train. The railway station of Bad Mitterndorf is part of the Salzkammergut Railway (Salzkammergutbahn) where one can still see some buildings dating back to the 19th century. More…

Public Art Railway Stations

Interior by Peter Kogler at Graz Central Station

Frontview of Graz Central Station

In 2003 the capital city of Styria got the title ‘European Capital of Culture’. In the same year Graz Central Station had been renovated and artist Peter Kogler was elected to decorate the entrance hall of the railway station. More…

Railway Stations

View from Nuremberg central station

Railway station of Nuremberg, Germany

My first view of Nuremberg after leaving the train and standing in the hall of Nuremberg central station: A tower called Frauentorturm dating back to 14th century. More…

Railway Stations Roman Empire

Ancient Roman theatre in Mainz

Ancient Roman theatre in Mainz, Germany

The ruins of an ancient Roman theater next to the tracks of the railway station ‘Mainz Römisches Theater’ (former ‘Mainz Süd’). More…