Re-enactment group of Austrian Dragoons

Re-enactment group of Austrian dragoons

During a historical festival next to the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum (Museum of Military History), I saw a performance of some horsemen in the uniforms of former Austrian dragoons.

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Roman wedding in Carnuntum

Reenactment of a Roman Wedding in Carnuntum

During a Roman festival at the archaeological park of Carnuntum I watched a reenactment of a Roman wedding. That way I learned about the tradition, that the Roman bride is cloaked. More…

Festivals Reenactments Roman Empire

Roman testudo formation in Carnuntum

Reenactement of a Roman Testudo formation

At the archaeological park Carnuntum in Lower Austria a reenactment group shows an ancient Roman testudo formation, also known as tortoise formation. More…

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Roman legionaries in Carnuntum

Roman legionaries in Carnuntum, Austria

Roman legionaries seen at a festival on the grounds of a former Roman city in the east of Vienna. More…