Hidden lane in Vienna

Hidden lane in Vienna, Austria

On a rainy summer evening I walked through this lane next to the Michaelerkirche in Vienna. Though it is situated in the centre of Vienna no one else was in the lane. A real place of silence in the middle of the metropolis. Do you know such silent places in your city too?

High wheel in Haus

High wheel in Haus, Austria

On my tour through the Styrian place Haus I came across this high wheeler. Well, honestly speaking riding this kind of bike seems pretty uncomfortable to me. Have you ever tried such a high wheel? And do you know the term penny-farthing for this kind of bike?

Beautiful fanlight in Celle

Beautiful fanlight in Celle, Germany

Nice decorated fanlight seen at a half-timbered house in Celle. I am not sure about the style. It seems to be not much older than 100 year? What do you think?

At the Stechbahn of Celle, Germany

At the Stechbahn of Celle, Germany

At the ‘Stechbahn’ of Celle. The former jousting field of the city was placed here. Though the sculpture is a kind of advertisement for a local bank I love the idea to portray the former use of this place by lances.

Photos of school classes in Sopron

Photos of school classes in Sopron, HungaryPhotos of school classes in Sopron, Hungary

An interesting detail one can often see in Hungary: Public viewed photos of school classes. Does anyone know if this tradition is limited to certain classes, e.g. senior years?

Rainbow in the streets of Graz

Rainbow in the streets of Graz, Austria

Amazing! Next to a construction site, I saw this rainbow (bottom left) in the streets of Graz. It was caused by a drizzle, with which the dust of demolition work had been tied. So I had the chance to walk through a rainbow for the first time.

Nice balcony in Udine

Nice balcony in Udine, Italy

Nice balcony in the streets of Udine. Who of you would like to be Juliet on that balcony?

A weird tree in Udine

A weird tree in Udine, Italy

On my way back from the castle of Udine down to the city I came across this atmospheric place dominated by a weird tree.