Roman street in Cologne

Roman street in Cologne, Germany

Near the Roman Museum in Cologne one can see this reconstruction of an ancient street. In Cologne it is generally known as ‘Hafenstrasse’ though it isn’t really leading to a port. It isn’t an exact reconstruction of the former street either but the basalt stones are from Roman times at least. More…

Roman walls in Ljubljana

Outside the roman wall of Ljubljana

The ancient Roman name of Ljubljana was Emona. Today one can still see some Roman elements in the city. E.g. this redesign of a part of the Roman town walls created by architect Jože Plečnik. More…

Dragon bridge in Ljubljana

Sculpture at dragon bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This dragon was one of four I saw at the dragon bridge (Zmajski most) in Ljubljana. The bridge finished in the beginning of the 20th century shows some elements of the Viennese Secession. The dragons were even produced in Vienna (Factory A. M. Beschorner). More…

Velenje Castle in Velenje

Velenje Castle in Velenje, Slowenia

Velenje Castle (Velenjski grad) is a well-preserved castle high over the Slovenian city Velenje. It offers an interesting museum inside. For example one can see the reconstruction of an old grocery shop and the remains of two mastodons. More…

Barfüsser Church in Erfurt

Barfüsser Church in Erfurt, Germany

During a stay at an IBIS hotel in Erfurt I had a very special view from my room: The ruins of the Barfüsserkirche, a church named after an order of the Franciscan (‘Barfüsser’) which had been destroyed in 1944. More…

New way to frame a photo

Park in Fulda, Germany

Lately I discovered a new way to frame a photo. I just use a local one. So I did in a park in Fulda, Germany.

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in Kaub

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in Kaub, Germany

On a train journey along the Rhine Valley from Mainz to Koblenz I took this photo of Pfalzgrafenstein Castle (Burg Pfalzgrafenstein). The building situated on a tiny island served as toll station until 1866. More…

Neuhaus Palace in Paderborn

Garden side of Neuhaus Palace in Paderborn, Germany

In Paderborn I visited a palace in the style of Weser Renaissance named Schloss Neuhaus. In 1994 a garden festival took place on the grounds of the palace (Schlosspark) so I had a nice walk along beautiful plantings which were still there. More…