Palaces Sculptures

The ‘Hundefräulein’ at Schallaburg Palace

Dog lady at Schallaburg Palace, Austria

If you look carefully at the sculptures decorating the inner yard of Schallaburg Palace (Schloss Schallaburg) you may discover the ‘Hundefräulein’. This is a sculpture showing a girl with a head shaped like a dog. More…

Coat of Arms Sculptures

Bavarian Lion in Lindau

Bavarian Lion in Lindau, Germany

The Bavarian Lion seen at the port entrance of Lindau. It is placed next to the lighthouse of Lindau. The Bavarian Lion is mentioned several times in the Bavarian coat of arms, for example the shield is hold by two lions. More…


The lighthouse of Lindau

View of the lighthouse from boat

The lighthouse was built in 1856 and is situated at the port of Lindau. Opposite the lighthouse one can see a sculpture showing the Bavarian lion. This historic centre of Lindau is actually an island but can be reached by car as well as train. More…


Montfort Castle in Langenargen

View of Montfort Castle from boat

Montfort Castle (Schloss Montfort) is a lakeside palace next to Lake Constance (Bodensee). It was built for King William I of Württemberg in 1867. I took this photo on a boat trip from Lindau to Friedrichshafen and was especially impressed by the Moorish architecture of the palace. More…

Railway Stations Roman Empire

Ancient Roman theatre in Mainz

Ancient Roman theatre in Mainz, Germany

The ruins of an ancient Roman theater next to the tracks of the railway station ‘Mainz Römisches Theater’ (former ‘Mainz Süd’). More…

Castles Museums

Moyland Castle in Bedburg-Hau

Moyland Castle in Bedburg-Hau, Germany

View of the main entrance of Moyland Castle (Schloss Moyland) where I visited an exhibition about the German artist Joseph Beuys. More…

Roman Empire

Model of the ancient forum in Kempten

Model of Roman forum in Kempten, Germany

A model of the ancient forum on the grounds of the former Roman place Cambodunum in Bavaria. More…


Franciscan Church in Graz

Church of the Franciscan in Graz, Austria

Two beauties of Graz: The landmark of Graz named Uhrturm in the background and the Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche) in the foreground. The church is part of the oldest monastery in the city. Sometimes I am using the hidden cloister for relaxing from the hurly-burly of the shopping streets in Graz.



Attractions of Bamberg

Bamberg is an UNESCO Heritage Site in Upper Franconia. One of his numerouns attractions is the old town hall. This building is located in the middle of a river.



Clock tower of Graz, AustriaGraz is the capital city of the Austrian state of Styria. The historic centre and Eggenberg Palace are inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. In 2003, Graz became worldwide known as the European Capital of Culture.