Schloss Piber in Köflach

Schloss Piber in Köflach, Austria

Schloss Piber is a palace in the Austrian state Styria. It is located next to the Federal Stud Piber which is known for breeding the famous Lipizzaner stallions who are shown at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. More…

Public Art Railway Stations

Interior by Peter Kogler at Graz Central Station

Frontview of Graz Central Station

In 2003 the capital city of Styria got the title ‘European Capital of Culture’. In the same year Graz Central Station had been renovated and artist Peter Kogler was elected to decorate the entrance hall of the railway station. More…


Stilklassen in Berndorf

Egypt classroom in Berndorf, Austria

The classrooms of the Berndorf school in Lower Austria are very special. Each of the classrooms is designed in a different historical style. In German they are called Stilklassen. The schools were opened in 1909 by its founder Arthur Krupp. More…


Franciscan Church in Graz

Church of the Franciscan in Graz, Austria

Two beauties of Graz: The landmark of Graz named Uhrturm in the background and the Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche) in the foreground. The church is part of the oldest monastery in the city. Sometimes I am using the hidden cloister for relaxing from the hurly-burly of the shopping streets in Graz.