Architecture Murals

Goliathhaus in Regensburg

Goliathhaus in Regensburg, Germany

The Goliath house (Goliathhaus) in Regensburg showing the legend of David and Goliath. The mural was created by Melchior Bocksberger in the year 1573. More…

Railways Tramways

Chiemsee Railway in Prien

Chiemsee Railway in Prien, Germany

In the year 1887 the Chiemsee Railway (Chiemseebahn) was opened. Though this railway doesn’t exactly meet the definition of a tramway it is considered as the oldest still in use steam tramway in the world. More…


Herrenchiemsee Palace in Chiemsee

Schloss Herrenchiemsee in Chiemsee, Germany

Herrenchiemsee Palace (Schloss Herrenchiemsee)  is located on an island at the largest lake of Bavaria named Chiemsee. The palace is also known as the New Palace (Neues Schloss) or Herrenworth Palace (Schloss Herrenwörth). More…

Fountains Palaces

Frozen fountain at Würzburg Residence

Frozen fountain at Residenz Würzburg, Germany

It was really a cold day when I took this photo of a frozen fountain on the grounds of the Würzburg Residence (Würzburger Residenz). The Baroque palace which was completed in 1744 is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Fascinating storefront in Munich

Fascinating storefront in Munich, Germany

On my way to the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection I came across this fascinating storefront of a Munich hotel. More…


Frauenkirche in Munich

Frauenkirche in Munich, Germany

The Frauenkirche (Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady), also known as Münchner Dom, is the largest church in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. I took this view after climbing up the tower of another church called St. Peter. More…

Urban Walks

A gondolier in Nuremberg

Gondola at the Pegnitz in Nuremberg, Germany

While my visit at Nuremberg I was told there is one man with a licence for a gondola. After some hours watching the river in the middle of the city I was able to catch him on a photo. The building in the background is named ‘Heilig-Geist-Spital’. During medieval times it was used as a home for old and sick people. More…


Vintage tramcar in Nuremberg

Vintage tramcar in Nuremberg, Germany

A tramcar of the series 700/800 dating back to 1925 seen in Nürnberg (Nuremberg). More…

Roman Empire

Roman fort Biriciana

Roman fort Biriciana in Weißenburg, GermanyReconstruction of an ancient gate on the grounds of the former Roman fort Biriciana in the Bavarian city Weißenburg. The fort was the garrison of the Ala I Hispanorum Auriana. More…

Railway Stations

View from Nuremberg central station

Railway station of Nuremberg, Germany

My first view of Nuremberg after leaving the train and standing in the hall of Nuremberg central station: A tower called Frauentorturm dating back to 14th century. More…


Tucher Mansion in Nuremberg

Tucher Mansion in Nuremberg, Germany

The Tucher Mansion (Tucherschloss) was completed in 1544 and served as summer residence for the Tucher family, a patrician family in Nuremberg. The museum inside shows the life of such a patrician family. More…


Armoury in Nuremberg

Armoury of Nuremberg, Germany

The former armoury (‘Zeughaus‘) of Nuremberg built in the years 1588/89 by Hans Dietmayer. After its demolition during World War II it got reconstructed in 1954/55. More…