Austro-Hungarian naval cemetery in Pula

Austro-Hungarian naval cemetery in Pula, Croatia

On a research tour about my father’s life I also visited the cemetery of the Austro-Hungarian navy in Pula. The natural harbour of this city served as Austria’s main naval base until 1918. More…


Veliki Tabor Castle in Croatia

Veliki Tabor Castle, Croatia

Veliki Tabor Castle (Grad Veliki Tabor) on a sunny spring day. The oldest part of this castle is a five-cornered tower which was built in the 12th century. The Croatian painter Oton Iveković owned the castle from 1927 to 1935.


Fortress of Knin

Fortress of Knin, Croatia

A photo of the fortress taken through the windows of the railway station in Knin. I always love to catch the first view after reaching a city by train. More…

Roman Empire

Roman forum in Zadar

Acient Roman forum in Zadar, Croatia

During Roman period Zadar was known as lader or colonia iulia lader. The remnants of the Roman forum are near the Archaeological Museum of Zadar, where one can see a collection of ancient Roman pieces. More…


Church of Sveti Nikola in Nin

Church of Sveti Nikola in Nin, Croatia

The church of Sveti Nikola was built in the 11th century. During the Ottoman Wars the dome of the church has been converted into a crenelated tower. More…