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Fingerhakeln in Ehrenhausen

Fingerhakeln in Ehrenhausen, Austria

Fun sculpture seen in Ehrenhausen, a place in the Austrian province Styria. It shows a local tradition called ‘Fingerhakeln’. Is this tradition in your region known? Do you know any English term for it? Perhaps ‘finger wrestling’?


Sundial in Ehrenhausen

Sundial in Ehrenhausen, Austria

Sundial at the market place of Ehrenhausen showing the most important sights of the city. On the left side one can see Schloss Ehrenhausen and on the right side there is the mausoleum of Ruprecht von Eggenberg. The steeple refers to the church of Ehrenhausen.

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Mausoleum of Ruprecht von Eggenberg

Mausoleum of Ruprecht von Eggenberg in Ehrenhausen, Austria

One of the most famous sights in Ehrenhausen, Austria: The mausoleum of Ruprecht von Eggenberg high over the city.


Schloss Ehrenhausen in Styria

Schloss Ehrenhausen in Styria, Austria

Every time while passing the railway station of Ehrenhausen I have a great view of the castle (‘Schloss Ehrenhausen’) high over the city.