At the Val Canale in Italy

Val Canale in Italy

On my way from Udine to the Austrian border I took an ordinary road through the Val Canale instead of the motorway and enjoyed a splendid view of the Alps. In some areas of Europe it is really better to drive slowly instead of racing along the motorways, isn’t it?

An altana seen in Udine

An altana seen in Udine, Italy

Another interesting piece of architecture I saw in Udine. It is called an altana. Well, would you love to live in such a tower?

Nice balcony in Udine

Nice balcony in Udine, Italy

Nice balcony in the streets of Udine. Who of you would like to be Juliet on that balcony?

Coat of arms in Udine

Coat of arms in Udine, ItalyAmazing emblem seen in the streets of Udine. Any ideas who is the owner of this coat of arms?

Piazza Libertà in Udine

Piazza Libertà in Udine, Italy

At the Piazza Libertà in Udine. I love this photo for one reason: Though it is a central place the atmosphere is so peaceful.

A weird tree in Udine

A weird tree in Udine, Italy

On my way back from the castle of Udine down to the city I came across this atmospheric place dominated by a weird tree.

Loggia del Lionello in Udine

Loggia del Lionello in Udine, Italy

Inside the Loggia del Lionello in Udine. It is part of the town hall built in the years 1448-1457. By the way, right in the middle of the loggia there is an interesting tool: A big thermometer.

Lunchtime at a lovely inner yard in Udine

Inner yard in Udine, Italy

On my trip through Udine I had lunch at this lovely inner yard next to the duomo. I was not the only person. Many Italian workers did have their meals there too. What about you? Do you have an open air place for your lunch?