Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main

Cadillac Sedan 1956 in Frankfurt on Main, Germany

As you know I love to stroll around railway stations while waiting for the next connection. So I do at airports as well. At Frankfurt on Main Airport I came across this Cadillac Sedan (1956) which is an advertisement for two German museums about technology.

Ottoneum in Kassel

Ottoneum in Kassel, Germany

One my walk along the venues of the dOCUMENTA (13) I also came across the Museum of Natural History also known as Ottoneum. Outside I was impressed by its lovely architecture. Inside it was big fun to walk through a natural history collection which was one of the first to be established in all of Europe.

Architecture of the 50ties in Kassel

Architecture of the 50ties in Kassel, Germany

After World War II a large part of Kassel was rebuilt in the style of the 50ties. So if you are interested in the architecture of this period a walk through Kassel is a good way to learn more about it.

Skyline of Frankfurt am Main

View from bridge near Ikonenmuseum

Photo of Frankfurt taken from a bridge named ‘Alte Brücke’. The quarter with the skyscrapers is situated near the river Main. Therefore there is a pun calling this part of the city or even the whole city ‘Mainhattan’. More…

Nerobergbahn in Wiesbaden

Nerobergbahn in Wiesbaden, Germany

The Nerobergbahn was built in 1888 as a funicular railway driven by water counterbalancing and is still operated with this technology. It connects the Nerotal Valley with the Neroberg Hill, a lookout high over Wiesbaden. More…