Summer house of Eggenwald in Leoben

Eggenwaldsches Gartenhaus in Leoben, Austria

In this summer house formerly owned by Josef von Eggenwald, an important event of the `War of the First Coalition’ took place. French and Austrian leaders signed here the ‘Peace Treaty of Leoben’.


Maßenburg in Leoben

Maßenburg in Leoben, Austria

The Maßenburg is a castle ruin on a hill high over Leoben. It was probably first built in the 13th century. Today hikers have there a great view of Leoben from a viewing tower built on the ruins of a former watch tower.


Parade of miners wearing an ‘Arschleder’

Miners wearing an 'Arschleder' at the central place of Leoben

An interesting detail seen at a celebration for miners in Leoben. The miners are wearing a so called ‘Arschleder’ (German), also known as breech leather or miner’s apron. More…


Schwammerlturm in Leoben

Schwammerlturm in Leoben, Austria

Every year I love to have a glass of beer on top of this tower after visiting one of the great ethnological exhibitions in Leoben. In German we call this building ‘Schwammerlturm’ (= mushroom tower). More…