Railway Stations

Window at Ljubljana central station

Window at Ljubljana railway station

The ticket hall of Ljubljana central station is lighted by stained glass windows like this one. It reminds of a chapel, doesn’t it? More…


Building at Ljubljana Railway Station

Apartment tower at Ljubljana Railway Station

Interesting building next to the railway station of Ljubljana. The higher you live the less neighbours you have. Would you love to live in such a building next to a train station? More…

Museums Railways

Museum of Slovenian Railways in Ljubljana

Museum of Slovenian Railways in Ljubljana, Slovenia

During a walk on the grounds of the Museum of Slovenian Railways, I came across a lot of decommissioned locomotives and carriages. A place with fascinating objects at every turn.

City Walls Roman Empire

Roman wall of Ljubljana

Roman wall of Ljubljana, Slovenia

On a sunny day in autumn I walked along the reconstruced Roman city wall of Ljubljana. During the Roman period this place was known as Colonia Iulia Aemona or just Emona. More…

City Walls Roman Empire

Roman walls in Ljubljana

Outside the roman wall of Ljubljana

The ancient Roman name of Ljubljana was Emona. Today one can still see some Roman elements in the city. E.g. this redesign of a part of the Roman town walls created by architect Jože Plečnik. More…

Bridges Sculptures

Dragon bridge in Ljubljana

Sculpture at dragon bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This dragon was one of four I saw at the dragon bridge (Zmajski most) in Ljubljana. The bridge finished in the beginning of the 20th century shows some elements of the Viennese Secession. The dragons were even produced in Vienna (Factory A. M. Beschorner). More…