Christmas Markets

Christmas market in Brno

Christmas market in Brno (Czech Republic)

View of a Christmas market in Brno, the 2nd largest city of Czech Republic. In the background one can see the tower of the old town hall.

Urban Walks

Candles for Václav Havel

Candles for Václav Havel

4 days before my visit in Brno the essayist and politician Václav Havel died. Many places in the city were covered with candles, photos, letters and even drawings. It’s impressive to see that a person has found its place in the hearts of the people, isn’t it? It reminds me of we all should do something to find our place in someones heart.

Public Clocks

The strange clock of Brno

Public clock of Brno, Czech Republic

On my walk through Brno I came across this strange clock. The story behind this clock refers to an episode in the history of the city. Which strange public clocks do you know?


Beautiful ceiling in Brno

Beautiful ceiling in Brno, Czech Republic

If one dare to look through open doors of buildings built in 19th century one often get awarded by seeing wonderful ceilings and staircases. For example I saw this wonderful ceiling behind a door in Brno, Czech Republic.


Marvellous facades in Brno

Storefront 1 in Brno, Czech Republic

Some facades I came across near the railway station of Brno. In cities with railway stations built around 1900 one can see a lot of fascinating architecture near these stations. Therefore I love to stroll around these quarters and to take photos like these ones.

Storefront 2 in Brno, Czech Republic
Storefront 3 in Brno, Czech Republic
Storefront 4 in Brno, Czech Republic
Storefront 5 in Brno, Czech Republic
Storefront 6 in Brno, Czech Republic
City Walls

Gate of Holy Mother in Jihlava

Gate of Holy Mother in Jihlava, Czech Republic

The top of a tower gate named Gate of Holy Mother (Brána Matky Boží) in Jihlava. In this city composer Gustav Mahler grew up.


Pharmacy in Uherský Brod

Old pharmarcy at a central place of Uherský Brod

In May 2008 I discovered at the market place of the small Moravian town Uherský Brod an old pharmacy with a fascinating façade and a beautiful fountain in front of it.


Zámek Slavkov in Slavkov u Brna

Zamek Slavkov in Moravia, Czech Republic

Zámek Slavkov (Slavkov Castle) got famous for being the site where the armistice between Austria and France was signed in 1805. At that time the place and the mansion was known by the name Austerlitz. Taking a guided tour I had the chance to see not only the interior of the Baroque building but also the room where the armistice was signed. More…