Hiking along the Mendlingtal

Gorge at the Mendlingtal, Austria

The trail along the Mendlingtal is a path of about 3 kilometres. It leads from a theme park about logging up to a former Hammerherrenhaus (Home of the owner of a hammer mill). The scenery is changing several times. Sometimes one walk along a tame creek, sometimes one walk along footbridges high over a stream in full spate.

Timber mill at Mendlingtal

Venetian saw at Mendlingtal, Austria

Everybody knows the scenery of American Old West. Can we see anything similar in good old Austria too? Sure! The photo shown above was taken at a theme park in Mendlingtal Valley in Mostviertel. The park is all about logging in earlier times. The building in the background is housing a Venetian saw dating back to 1907.

Schmiedegesellenhaus at Mendlingtal

Schmiedegesellenhaus at the Mendlingtal, Austria

At the theme park Mendlingtal they former building for the young blacksmiths (Schmiedegesellen) serves as museum now. Inside one can learn about the life of the blacksmiths, woodcutters and the owners of the hammer mills named Hammerherren. More…

Tini Kainrath at the Gipfelklänge 2013

Tini Kainrath and band at the Gipfelklänge 2013

A nice finale for the Gipfelklänge 2013: Having a jazz brunch with Tini Kainrath and band. The concert took place on the grounds of a former Hammerherrenhaus (Building for the owner of a hammer mill), which is part of the theme park Mendlingtal. More…

Musikverein St. Georgen/Reith at the Gipfelklänge 2013

Musikverein St. Georgen am Reith playing in Mostviertel, Austria

The 2nd day of the ‘Gipfelklänge’ started with a concert by a brass-band in front of the Hotel Fahrnberger. No chance to sleep any minute longer in the cosy ‘Genießerzimmer’ of the hotel. The Genießerzimmer are special rooms promoted in the area of the Austrian state Lower Austria. More…

Florianer Tanzlgeiga at the Gipfelklänge 2013

Florianer Tanzlgeiga playing in Mostviertel, Austria

At the end of a long day of hiking we listened to the Florianer Tanzlgeiga sitting inside an inn and having some pigling for dinner. The group played pretty lively so some guests started to dance spontaneously.

The Floriani Tanzlgeiga offered an interesting mix of music. They played classic pieces as well as local ballads. The ladies sung the local songs in a broad dialect which made the event even more cosy.