The ‘Neues Museum’ in Nuremberg

Neues Museum in Nuremberg, Germany

Fascinating modern architecture inside the walls of Nuremberg. The glass façade of the ‘Neues Museum’ is mirroring the old town wall. By the way the museum is about modern and contemporary art as well as design.

Coat of Arms

The emblems of Nuremberg

Emblems of Nuremberg, Germany

And now some history:On the left side the great emblem (Große Wappen) and on the right side the minor emblem (Kleine Wappen) of Nuremberg. The left one is generally used by administrative bodies whereas the minor one is used by some companies too.


Ascension of Jesus at St Lorenz in Nuremberg

Ascension at Sank Lorenz in Nuremberg, Germany

I was told this part at the tympanum of St. Lorenz is showing the ‘Ascension of Jesus’. For me this is really an odd illustration as one can see only the feet of Jesus. What do you think?


Sundial on the Nassauer Haus in Nuremberg

Sundial at the Nassauer Haus, Nuremberg

This sundial is located at the Nassauer Haus in Nuremberg. I love the design which reminds on a scroll. Around the corner, there is another sundial with a more common design.


Heilig-Geist-Spital in Nuremberg

Heilig-Geist-Spital in Nuremberg, Germany

An iconic view of Nuremberg: The Heilig-Geist-Spital. The church of this building was the depository for the Imperial Regalia for many years.


Schöner Brunnen in Nuremberg

Schöner Brunnen in Nuremberg, Germany

The ‘Schöner Brunnen’ is one of the most beautiful fountains I have ever seen and is placed at the central place of Nuremberg. A ring embedded in the fence surrounding the fountain is said to bring good luck to those who spin. Another version told me spinning the ring rises your fertility. So be careful!

Cuisine Shops

Bread store in Nuremberg

Bread store in Nuremberg, Germany

I had known Nuremberg is famous for its Lebkuchen but I was surprised how many sorts of bread this bread store (Feinkost Nikolaus Schwarz) is offering. Amazing how different the outer crusts and the crumbles of each loaf look like. And yes, I always love a good piece of bread. What about you?


Chörlein of St Sebaldus in Nuremberg

Chörlein of St Sebaldus in Nuremberg, Germany

In Nuremberg one can often see architectural elements looking like a secular bay but actually they are the choirs of private chapels named Chörlein. Probably the most beautiful Chörlein I saw at the presbytery of St. Sebaldus Church (St. Sebald)


Sundial at the Fembohaus of Nuremberg

Sundial at the Fembohaus of Nuremberg, Germany

Sundial at the Fembohaus which houses the city museum of Nuremberg. Inside one can see a lot of fascinating stuff, e.g. a big model showing Nuremberg before World War II.


The beekeeper with a crossbow in Nuremberg

The beekeeper with a crossbow in Nuremberg, Germany

Surprising detail seen at this house sign of an inn: The man with the crossbow is actually a beekeeper! I was told beekeepers were allowed to use this dangerous weapon in order to keep away bears.

Public Art Sculptures

‘Hare’ by Jürgen Goertz in Nuremberg

Sculpture by Jürgen Goertz in Nuremberg, Germany

Remarkable sculpture created by the artist Jürgen Goertz seen on an even more striking place. It is situated in sight distance of Albrecht Dürer’s home, the creator of the famous painting: ‘Young Hare’.

Dragons Sculptures

Saint George in Nuremberg

Sankt George in Nuremberg, Germany

A statue of Saint George and the Dragon in the streets of Nuremberg. So far the most statues of Saint George I have seen are showing him a clear winner. Well, I’d say this time the state of the dragon is tight but not hopeless. What do you think?