A facade full of hopes and sorrows

A fascade full of hopes and sorrows in Podersdorf, Austria

An interesting detail of Podersdorf: The fa├žade of a parish building is decorated with phrases written down by the people of the place. It reminded me of a kind of Twitter wall, but in Podersdorf the phrases at the wall will last for a longer time.


The windmill of Podersdorf

The windmill of Podersdorf, Austria

There are only two working windmills in Austria still to see. One of them is located in Retz and the second one is this one in Podersdorf. The owner of the windmill in Podersdorf offers guided tours telling about the life of a miller.


Pannonian draw well in Podersdorf

Pannonian draw well in Podersdorf, Austria

A reconstruction of a draw well seen next to my hotel in Podersdorf. This kind of well is typical for the Pannonian steppe.


Pannonian herder’s hut in Podersdorf

Pannonian herder's hut in Podersdorf, Austria

Reconstruction of a typical Pannonian herder’s hut seen in Podersdorf.


Kite surfing in Podersdorf

Kite surfing in Podersdorf, Austria

After arriving in Podersdorf I watched a kite surfing championship. Honestly speaking I was completely a newbie in this sport but Marian Hund told me how it works.