Cuisine Restaurants

Historical tavern ‘Wurstkuchl’ in Regensburg

Historical tavern in Regensburg, Germany

The historical tavern ‘Wurstkuchl’ offers delicious sausages and sauerkraut for more than 500 years. In earlier times the workers used to have their lunch there, today a lot of tourists and even ducks stop by ­čÖé


River cruise ship Kristallk├Ânigin

River cruise ship Kristallk├Ânigin

In the afternoon I had the chance to walk through the decks of a very special ship: The ‘Kristallk├Ânigin’. This was a river cruise ship decorated with a lot of Swarovski elements. Do you know the products by Swarovski?


Caf├ę F├╝rstenhof in Regensburg

Caf├ę F├╝rstenhof in Regensburg, Germany

I just love the style of this caf├ę in Regensburg named Caf├ę F├╝rstenhof. What about you? Would you love to have a cup of coffee at this balcony watching the people in the street?

Coat of Arms

Coat of arms of Regensburg

Emblem of Regensburg, Germany

On my way from the railway station to the centre of Regensburg I discovered the emblem of the city at an oriel window: Two white keys in a red field.

City Walls

Wall ruins in Regensburg

Town walls of Regensburg, Germany

Two wall ruins near the railway station of Regensburg. The wall in the foreground was built in medieval times, the wall in the background is even from ancient Roman period.


On an ICE T to Regensburg

Driver cabin at a German ICE

A view of the driver cabin of a German ICE T. In this kind of train one┬áhas the chance to sit behind the driver – only separated by a glass door – and to watch the landscape through his windows. Do you know similar trains in your region?


Roofscape of Regensburg

Roof landscape of Regensburg, Germany

The city of Regensburg is known for a lot of family towers (‘Geschlechtert├╝rme’) similar to those ones in San Gimignano in Italy. By the way I really would like to cross that bridge between the steeples of the cathedral. Unfortunately it isn’t open for public. More…

Architecture Murals

Goliathhaus in Regensburg

Goliathhaus in Regensburg, Germany

The Goliath house (Goliathhaus) in Regensburg showing the legend of David and Goliath. The mural was created by Melchior Bocksberger in the year 1573. More…