Holy Trinity column in Retz

Holy Trinity column in Retz, Austria

A view of the Holy Trinity column (German: Dreifaltigkeitssäule) at the central square of Retz. The column was built in the years 1743 – 1745. In the background one can see the Verderber – Haus.


Pillory at the main square of Retz

Pillory at the main square of Retz

A pillory (German: Pranger) built in 1561. I was surprised to read that this pillory had been destroyed in 18th century but people of Retz were able to reconstruct the pillory in 1962 after finding the most parts in different places nearby.


Scraffito Haus in Retz

Scraffito Haus of Retz, Austria

The Scraffito – Haus named after a Scraffito covering two sides of the building reminded me a little of a big comic strip but with a serious topic. Which building covered with fascinating Scraffito do you know?

City Halls

Town hall of Retz

Town hall of Retz, Austria

The very special town hall of Retz: Originally built as a church it turned into the office of the mayor after some war destruction. The most interesting detail is beneath the town hall: A huge wine cellar system named Retzer Erlebniskeller!


Relief at the Verderber – Haus in Retz

Relief at the Verderber - Haus in Retz, Austria

Relief with the coat of arms of Hannes Firenncz whose family came from Gorizia. I saw this relief at the walls of the Verderber – Haus. Which amazing reliefs do you know?


Verderber – Haus in Retz

Verderber Haus in Retz, Austria

One of the highlights at the market place of Retz: The Verderber – Haus. The architecture is very special. Do you see that the building offers two different types of crenellations? Another interesting detail is a colorful relief above the gate.


Wind mill in Retz

Wind mill of Retz, Austria

There are only two wind mills still working in Austria. One of them is placed on a hill high next to Retz. The second one is located in Podersdorf. Which complete wind mills do you know?


Parish church St. Peter in Retz

Parish church St Peter of Retz, Austria

Parish church St. Peter in Retz first mentioned in the year 1200. By the way have you ever seen a roundabout with the figure of a saint in its middle?

Coat of Arms

Emblem at industrial hall in Retz

Emblem at an industrial hall in Retz, Austria

Impressive emblem seen at an industrial hall near the railway station of Retz. Well, can you read the ‘deleted’ text below the emblem? It is written ‘K.u.K. Hoflieferant’ which indicates this factory was a supplier of the Imperial court before 1918.