My workplace in Koblenz

My workplace in Koblenz

My workplace on a December morning. The fortress behind the platforms of the railway station Koblenz is called ‘Fort Großfürst Konstantin’ and was built in 1822 – 1827.

Haus Metternich in Coblenz

Haus Metternich in Coblenz, Germany

In this building located on Münzplatz in Koblenz, the Austrian statesman Klemens von Metternich was born on May 15, 1773. The house is known as Haus Metternich or Metternicher Hof. More…

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in Kaub

Pfalzgrafenstein Castle in Kaub, Germany

On a train journey along the Rhine Valley from Mainz to Koblenz I took this photo of Pfalzgrafenstein Castle (Burg Pfalzgrafenstein). The building situated on a tiny island served as toll station until 1866. More…