Wine-growing area of Saale-Unstrut in Saxony-Anhalt

Vineyards in the Saale-Unstrut region of Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

While travelling through the wine-growing area of Saale-Unstrut one can see a lot of steep terraces with centuries-old dry walls and romantic vineyard cottages. The region is open for many kinds of movement: Hiking, cycling and even canoeing.

World Heritage Sites

Saale-Unstrut valley for World Heritage Site

Poster for nomination of Saale-Unstrut valley as UNESCO World Heritage Site

A poster promoting the nomination of the Saale-Unstrut valley for UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are several posters displaying local personalities as well as examples of the cultural gems in this region. At the depicted poster found in Naumburg (Saale) you can see Reglindis, one of twelve donator portraits inside Naumburg Cathedral.