Sundial at the Stallhof in Dresden

Sundial at the Stallhof in Dresden, Germany

This sundial is located at the Stallhof, which is part of the residential castle (Dresdner Residenzschloss) and used to be a tilt yard in earlier times.


Van de Velde and beer in Weimar

Van-de-Velde-Edition of Ehringsdorfer Urbräu

In 2013 the German states of Saxony and Thuringia are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the architect and designer Henry van de Velde. For this reason, exhibitions take place in cities like Weimar, Jena, Erfurt, Gera, Apolda, Bürgel, and Chemnitz.


Fireless steam locomotive in Chemnitz

Fireless steam locomotive in Chemnitz, Germany

At the Saxon Museum of Industry I came across this fireless steam locomotive. This kind of locomotives was used in industrial facilities where no open fire was allowed. More…


Vintage postbox in Frohnau

Blue postbox at a building in Frohnau

A postbox seen in Frohnau, a part of the municipality of Annaberg-Buchholz. By the way, a very interesting site in Frohnau worth a visit is an old hammer mill named Frohnauer Hammer showing the hammer technology of 17th century. More…

Coat of Arms Manhole Covers

Manhole cover in Leipzig

Manhole cover in Leipzig, Germany

The manhole covers of Leipzig show the city arms. Similar to the city arms of Dresden they are a combination of the Meissen Lion and the Landsberg Pales. The depiction looks pretty beautiful as it displays not only the coat of arms but also the complete heraldic achievement.


Grassi Museum in Leipzig

Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany

At the Grassi Museum in Leipzig I learned a lot about the different peoples of India. The museum complex consists of a Applied Arts Museum, an Ethnography Museum and a Musical Instruments Museum. More…


Café Riquet in Leipzig

Storefront of Café Riquet in Leipzig, Germany

After a short walk through the snowy Leipzig I had a cup of coffee at Kaffeehaus Riquet. It was built in 1908/1909 by Paul Lange and offers a very stylish interior. More…


Railcar SVT 137 225 in Leipzig

Railcar SVT 137 225 in Leipzig, Germany

A DMU (diesel multiple unit) numbered SVT 137 225 built in 1935 seen at platform N° 24 of Leipzig Central Station. Would you love to take a journey with such a train? More…


Procession of Princes in Dresden

View of Procession of Princes in Augustusstrasse, DresdenThe Procession of Princes (Fürstenzug) is a 102-meter-long mural applied to 23,000 Meissen porcelain tiles. The mural displays portraits of 35 members of the House of Wettin, who were rulers of Saxony between 1127 and 1904. More…