Impression of the Semmering Railway

Impression of the Semmering Railway, Austria

I am often tweeting while being on a train of the Semmering Railway (Semmeringbahn) in Austria. This time I went  through the same area on foot. I tried to hike along the line but this wasn’t always possible. So I took this impression of the landscape along the Semmering Railway from a nearby summit. Can you see the small viaduct of the railway between all these rocks? Do you know similar mountain railways?

Castles Railviews

Befogged castle at Semmering Railway

Castle at Semmering Railway, Austria

Passing the Semmering saddle located between the Austria states Styria and Lower Austria by railway is always an exciting moment. On this day in autumn, one of the castle ruins next to the railroad was hidden by a misty shroud.

Railway Stations

Railway station Semmering

Railway station Semmering, Austria

On my train trips to Vienna I often pass the railway station Semmering. Generally I see the station just from my train window. On a hiking tour I got this different view. Looks misty, doesn’t it? More…


Diesel rail car ÖBB 5144 in Semmering

Diesel rail car ÖBB 5144 in Semmering, Austria

This diesel rail car of the type ÖBB 5144 stands next to the railway station hall of Semmering. It was first used in 1951.