Peculiar architecture in Bolzano

Peculiar architexture next to the railway station

The first impression of Bolzano after leaving my train was this building right opposite the station hall. Well, how would you call this style of architecture? I love especially the idea to put a lizard as add-on.

Laubengasse in Merano

Laubengasse in Merano, Italy

At the end of my visit in Merano I walked down the famous Laubengasse which is known as a lane with one of the longest arcades in the world. Which fine streets with arcades do you know?

Sundial in Merano

Sundial in Merano, Italy

On the 9th day of my InterRail trip I walked through Merano in Italy and came across this sundial. I was impressed how many elements and codes are compiled in this depiction. For example one can see the motto of Friedrich III. (AEIOU) as well as a skull with an hour glass on top of it. Which remarkable elements do you see in this sundial?