Railviews Railway Stations

Bad Mitterndorf railway station

Railway station of Bad Mitterndorf, Austria

A photo taken from a waiting train. The railway station of Bad Mitterndorf is part of the Salzkammergut Railway (Salzkammergutbahn) where one can still see some buildings dating back to the 19th century. More…


Trautenfels Castle in Pürgg-Trautenfels

Trautenfels Castle in Pürgg-Trautenfels, Austria

Photo of Trautenfels Castle (Schloss Trautenfels) taken on a train journey from Stainach to Liezen. Inside there is an interesting museum about Styria’s Enns Valley and Aussee region.


Waiting for the opposite train

Pasture next to a railway line in Austria

The charm of travelling single track railways in Austria: While waiting for the opposite train you have the chance to watch cattle grazing in a lovely landscape. This photo I took on such a siding place between Stainach and Schladming in the Austrian province Styria. More…


Kunsthaus in Graz

Kunsthaus in Graz, Austria

The Kunsthaus was built in 2003 and shows exhibitions of contemporary art. Because of its special architecture it is generally known as the “Friendly Alien”.


Schwammerlturm in Leoben

Schwammerlturm in Leoben, Austria

Every year I love to have a glass of beer on top of this tower after visiting one of the great ethnological exhibitions in Leoben. In German we call this building ‘Schwammerlturm’ (= mushroom tower). More…


Steam locomotive BR 52.1227 in Graz

Steam locomotive BR 52.1227 in Graz, Austria

While waiting in the red train at the right side of the photo a huge steam locomotive stopped next to me. It was built in 1944 and one of  the so-called war locomotives of the DRB Class 52. Well, I left my train on the spot taking this photo. More…

Museums Roman Empire

Roman museum in Wagna

Roman museum in Wagna, Austria

The Roman museum of Wagna is placed right above the remains of the former Roman settlement Flavia Solva. Whereas I saw a lot of ancient artefacts at this museum I was also impressed by a large sample of Roman tomb stones collected at Schloss Seggau nearby. More…


Cattle in the Styrian mountains

Cattle at Styrian alpine pasture

While hiking through the mountain area of Styria I came across this group of cattle. Wait a moment, are really all of them cows?


Summer pasture of the Austrian Lipizzaner

Summer pasture of Lipizzan horses in Austria

After a visit at the stud Piber I had the chance to drive up to the summer pasture of these famous horses. It is located on top of a Styrian alp. More…


Schloss Piber in Köflach

Schloss Piber in Köflach, Austria

Schloss Piber is a palace in the Austrian state Styria. It is located next to the Federal Stud Piber which is known for breeding the famous Lipizzaner stallions who are shown at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. More…

Public Art Railway Stations

Interior by Peter Kogler at Graz Central Station

Frontview of Graz Central Station

In 2003 the capital city of Styria got the title ‘European Capital of Culture’. In the same year Graz Central Station had been renovated and artist Peter Kogler was elected to decorate the entrance hall of the railway station. More…


Franciscan Church in Graz

Church of the Franciscan in Graz, Austria

Two beauties of Graz: The landmark of Graz named Uhrturm in the background and the Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche) in the foreground. The church is part of the oldest monastery in the city. Sometimes I am using the hidden cloister for relaxing from the hurly-burly of the shopping streets in Graz.