Roman Empire Towers

Horseshoe Tower in Tulln

Horseshoe Tower in Tulln, AustriaThe Horseshoe Tower (Hufeisenturm) in Tulln is a remain of an ancient Roman settlement named Comagena or Comagenis. Many parts of the tower are still from 4th century. The building is named after the shape of its groundplan which reminds of a horseshoe. More…

Roman Empire Statues

Equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius in Tulln

View of the Marc Aurelius equestrian statue

This equestrian statue of emperor Marcus Aurelius is a copy of that one located in the middle of Capitols Square (Piazza del Campidoglio) in Rome. It refers to the fact that Tulln is situated on the grounds of a former Roman camp named Comagena.


Hundertwasser’s ship Regentag in Tulln

A boat named Regentag in Tulln, Austria

During a walk along the Danube River in Tulln, I came across a ship named ‘Regentag’. The Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser made some trips with this ship. It is open for public now.