Sundial in Aigen-Schlägl

Sundial in Aigen-Schlägl, Austria

This sundial is located at a building generally known as Hofrichterstöckl. The 17th-century edifice is covered with a hip roof and offers an early Baroque entrance portal labelled with the year of construction in 1640.

Sculptures Statues

Saint John of Nepomuk in Windischgarsten

Statue of Saint John of Nepomuk at the Ehemschiedhaus

This statue of Saint John of Nepomuk is located at a building named Ehemschiedhaus. The buildings is dating back to 13th century, the sculpture was created in the first half of 18th century. Love the flying angel above his head.


Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt

Fun traffic sign in Hallstatt, Austria

Fun! This traffic sign – which is most probable an unofficial one – gives warning of hasting waiters. Some restaurants of Hallstatt offer table right next to the Hallstatt Lake so waiter have to cross a small street. Well, as only a few cars are allowed to use this calm street there is more danger to get hit by a waiter than a waiter will get hit by a car.

Architecture Renaissance

Freihaus of Christoph Weiß in Wels

Freihaus of Christoph Weiß in Wels, Austria

The Freihaus of Christoph Weiß was built at the end of the 16th century. The Renaissance building is especially known for its window frames made of diamond-shaped bossages.

Accommodations Hotels

Conference hotel SPES in Schlierbach

Seminar Hotel SPES in Schlierbach, Austria

The conference hotel SPES (Seminarhotel SPES) is situated on a plateau overlooking the Upper Krems Valley (Oberes Kremstal). It is near the centre of Schlierbach but also next to a forest. It offers rooms in a modern building opened in 2009 but also in a eco-holiday resort at the foot of the plateau.


Landmatura in Schlierbach

Mr. Weingartner as reaper in Schlierbach, Austria

At the farm house of Mr. Weingartner in Schlierbach I took a lesson in cutting hay with a traditional scythe. Interested people can also take a class learning about some facts regarding agriculture. Though this is mainly an offer just for fun the lessons are pretty informative.


Shropshire sheep in Schlierbach

Shropshire sheep in Schlierbach, Austria

In Schlierbach I met the Shropshire sheep the first time. This sheep are known for loving grass but not nibbling at trees. So they are ideal for keeping grass short in fruit farms and in Christmas tree plantations. Best lawnmower ever.


Free running piglets in Schlierbach

Free running piglets in Schlierbach, Austria

In Schlierbach I had the chance to speak with the founder of SPES which is also a local organic farmer. While visiting his farm next to my hotel I came across these free running piglets. Well, the operative word is running! As you can see it was pretty difficult to get my camera ready on time.


City tower of Enns

City tower of Enns, Austria

Enns is supposed to be the oldest city of Austria. The landmark of the city is a huge tower in the middle of the market place. It is widely known for its colourful emblems and the big sun dial.


Decorating a cake in Zwentendorf

Decorating a cake in Zwentendorf, Austria

At the Rosencafe in Zwentendorf I joined a lesson in decorating a cake. The lesson was given by the owner of the cafe Mrs. Helga Fidler-Himsel. After an introduction about different methods decorating a cake I was told how to create that small pieces showing above, how to paint them and finally how to move the result from your work space up to the cake. Well, one can see the result above.


View from the Stahlwelt in Linz

View from the Stahlwelt in Linz, Austria

View from the roof of the Stahlwelt. The small hill in the middle reminds me of the Erzberg, a hill located in my province Styria.


Inside the Stahlwelt of Linz

Inside the Stahlwelt of Linz, Austria

Inside the exhibition hall of the Stahlwelt in Linz. This is a hall with an excellent exhibition about steel and products made by steel. Well, I am part of this photo. Can you see me? 🙂