Attractions of Vienna

Vienna Attractions

In this post, I’d like to show you several attractions in Vienna off the beaten track. Let’s start with this sculpture. The owl is a decoration created by the Swiss artist and architect Bruno Weber. We find it on the wall of the Vienna University of Technology Library.

Gänsemädchenbrunnen in Vienna

Gänsemädchenbrunnen in Vienna, Austria

Someone in Vienna obviously doesn’t like monuments. The photo shows the Gänsemädchenbrunnen, a fountain located near the Museumsquartier in Vienna. The sculpture features a girl herding geese. The creator of this work was the Czech sculptor Antonín Pavel Wagner.

Wall of Hope in Vienna

Wall of Hope in Vienna, Austria

At the railway station Matzleinsdorferplatz one can see this artwork made of ceramic tiles. Students of about 20 Viennese schools put down their dreams and hopes for the 21st century in this artwork.

Rustensteg in Vienna

Rustensteg in Vienna, Austria

Detail of the Rustensteg, a pedestrian bridge crossing the tracks leading to the railway station Westbahnhof in Vienna. It was built in 1901. Standing on top of this bridge one have a great view of trains entering and leaving the railway station.