Typewriter at Hotel Pfeffel

Typewriter at Hotel Pfeffel, Austria

Memories! Many years ago I used to write on a travel typewriter. Tonight I came across such a portable typewriter at my hotel in Dürnstein. Ha, I wonder how I could write a whole article without using copy and paste and auto correction. What about you? Did you type your first articles on such a typewriter too?

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Morning view at Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein

Morning view from hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein, Austria

My morning view from my hotel room at Hotel & Winery Pfeffel in Dürnstein. Can you imagine having your breakfast at the terrace while a river cruise ship drives along the Danube next to you?

Accommodations Hotels

Relaxing at Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein

Relaxing room at Hotel Pfeffel in Dürnstein, Austria

After climbing up and down the hill of Dürnstein Castle I was ready for this relaxing room at Hotel & Winery Pfeffel. The room even offered a view of Dürnstein Castle so I was able to put down these notes while looking at the castle ruins.


Dürnstein Castle in Wachau Valley

Dürnstein Castle in Dürnstein, Austria

Dürnstein castle as seen after taking the trail up from Dürnstein. There is a story King Lionheart (Richard I of England) was imprisoned here for several months.

History Monuments

Napoleonic war memorial in Loiben

Napoleonic war memorial in Loiben, Austria

Riding the Wachau Railway I always wondered about the meaning of this big memorial just next to the tracks. After a visit at the Domäne Wachau I had the chance to learn more about it: It is a memorial about an engagement between French, Austrian and Russian troops during the Napoleonic Wars on Nov 11th, 1805.


Domäne Wachau in Dürnstein

Wine label Katzensprung, Austria

At the Domäne Wachau I learned about a wine which was served for a very important moment in Austrian history. The wine label Katzensprung was proffered at that banquet celebrated after signing the Austrian Independent Treaty in the year 1955.


Fortified church of Weißenkirchen

Wehrkirche (Fortified church) of Weissenkirchen, Austria

In Weißenkirchen, a place in the lovely Wachau region, there is still a fortified church (Wehrkirche) from the 14th century to see. The big tower was built as a defence structure against the Ottomans in the 16th century.