William Shakespeare in Weimar

Monument to William Shakespeare in Weimar 20180504

On my walk through Ilm Park (Park an der Ilm), I come across this monument to William Shakespeare. What a surprise. I did know that Weimar is known for Goethe, Schiller, and Herder. What is the link to Shakespeare? In fact, Goethe played an important role in this question.

Architecture Renaissance

Cranach House in Weimar

Detail of the Cranach House in Weimar, Germany

Detail of the Cranach House (Cranachhaus) located on the market place of Weimar. Lucas Cranach the Elder stayed here for the last period of his life in the years 1552/53. The Renaissce building was built in the years 1547/49.


Goethe’s Garden House in Weimar

View of Goethe's garden house

The former Gartenhaus (Garden house) of Goethe is a museum now. Inside one can see original inventory like  the pedestal desk with seating support in the study and the folding bed in the sleeping area. More…