My first attempt working with clay

An ateliere named Waldwerkstatt in Zell am See, Austria

While staying at Landhotel Martha I took a lesson in working with clay. The lesson took place in a former farmer house called Waldwerkstatt. Well, what should I create? A pot? A plate? A heart? A locomotive … That’s it!


Hotel Tauernstüberl in Zell am See


Room with two floors

The hotel is situated at a street between Zell am See and Kaprun. The train station of the Pinzgau Railway is near the hotel so one can have a ride to the Krimml Wasserfälle on the spot. The hotel offers a spa area in the basement of a second building opposite the street.


Lake Zell in Pinzgau

In winter the lake completely freezes and is used for winter sports

Right next to the railway station of Zell am See I had this great view of the Zeller See (Lake Zell) and the mountains nearby. Though the lake is pretty large it completely freezes in winter and is used for winter sports.


Do not disturb sock

A sock as Do not disturb sign

Fun! On my trip to Zell am See, I stayed at the Hotel Tauernstüberl. This hotel uses socks as ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs at its room doors. That’s a kind of pun. In the German language, there is the phrase ‘You are a lazy sock’. It means someone is a bit lazy in general.


Sundial in Zell am See

Sundial in Zell am See, Austria

On a walk through the city of Zell am See, I came across this sundial. I love the representation of morning and evening by rooster and owl.