Public Art

Yellow fog in Vienna

Yellow fog at the Verbund Headquarters in Vienna, Austria

Fire! Fire! Fire! Yellow smoke is drifting from the basement of an office building at a central place of Vienna. A truck of the fire brigade is standing next to the building but the firefighters don’t care about this incident. What is going on? Well, the solving of this marvel: It’s not a fire, it’s just contemporary art.

The intervention by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson is named ‘Yellow Fog’. Every day at dusk a kind of yellow fog is ascending the fa├žade of the VERBUND headquarters.
Truck of the fire brigade next to the yellow fog of Vienna

What about the truck of the fire brigade? Well, the office building is situated right next to the central fire station of Vienna. By the way inside this fire station there is a museum (Feuerwehrmuseum) about the history of the fire brigades in Vienna.

So what do you think about this intervention? Do you know similar interventions in your place? Have you ever seen any other works by Olafur Eliasson? And would you love to visit the museum of the fire brigades one day?