White Baroque Donkeys

Close encounter with white donkeys in Burgenland, Austria

In Austria, White Baroque Donkeys are called Österreichisch-Ungarischer Weißer Barockesel. You find them in the National Park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel. They are a special breed dating back to the monarchy when white animals were en vogue.

The cat at the ice cream shop

Cat at ice cream shop in Graz, Austria

Cute! A cat observing people in front of an ice cream shop in my native town Graz, Austria. I wonder what it is thinking right at that moment. Any ideas?

Storks in Deutschkreutz

Stork's nest in Deutschkreutz, Austria

A trip through Burgenland wouldn’t be complete without taking photos of storks. One can see their nests on many roofs in the easternmost state of Austria. Coincidentally, I found the nest with the most storks on top of a house that bore the name Burgenland.

Early birds vs early cats in Kukmirn

Cat having breakfast

‘The early bird gets the worm’ but the early cat gets the breakfast! A fun experience while staying in Kukmirn, a pretty rural place in the Austrian state Burgenland.

Dog at the Burggarten of Graz

Dog at the Burggarten of Graz, Austria

Sometimes I am having a picnic at the Burggarten of Graz. This is a park next to the former castle of Graz. It happens to be a beautiful dog posed right in front of my camera this time. Isn’t it a cutie?

Project Schafsinn in Haus

Herd of sheep in Haus, Austria

A cute project in Haus, a place in the Austrian province Styria: Schafsinn. At a mountain next to Haus there is a theme path where people are told about the life of sheep. One can not only read the info boards along the path but also meet the sheep grazing up and down the hill.