Shropshire sheep in Schlierbach

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Shropshire sheep in Schlierbach, Austria

In Schlierbach I met the Shropshire sheep the first time. This sheep are known for loving grass but not nibbling at trees. So they are ideal for keeping grass short in fruit farms and in Christmas tree plantations. Best lawnmower ever.

Well, I would love to see more of them in my region. I think a flock of sheep moving around all gardens and parks of an area are a gain for villages or even city districts. Sheep are fun for the kids and besides that they are not that noisy like the modern lawnmowers.

It’s really something to think about why we should work with noisy lawnmowers instead of watching silent sheep? I am curious to hear your ideas.


Disclosure: This trip was supported by 50plus Hotels Ă–sterreich and Seminarhotel SPES